Pre-Priced - Marlow has an extensive line of pre-priced items to meet any customer's demands. A range of 99¢ - $3.99 satisfies all taste buds. In addition to the items being pre-priced Marlow adds significant information on the front of the package to give the consumer the confidence to buy a Marlow product. There is no other candy and nut company in the industry providing the following six statements on the front of their bags.

Open Date Codes · Lot Numbers · Ingredient and Nutritional Information
Country of Origin · Retail Price w/price per lb. · Kosher Certification

Un-priced - Marlow has taken its top sellers in candy and nuts and removed the retail price on the bag. This is especially helpful in stores that have a captive audience and/or in an environment where larger profits are necessary. This includes but is not limited to our Super Pack line which offers value to the consumer and more profits for the retailer and distributor.

Sugar Free - Marlow's extensive line of bagged sugar free candy products are the finest available. It includes something for everybody. From gummy items to hard candies one would be hard pressed to tell that they are sugar free. This line is a welcomed addition in any hospital gift shop.

Tube Nuts - Marlow packages a large variety of tube nuts including mixes - all retailing for 99¢. This is especially helpful in the inner city areas. Imagine Pistachios both Natural and Red along with Cashews and Almonds all for 99¢ Wow, what a deal. This also makes a great value line and when you include the rest of Marlow's 99¢ products, one could fill a 28 prong rack with 28 different items all retailing for under a $1.00 thus making dollar stores a great target.