Shipping Services

Marlow offers three types of shipping services:

DSD - A Marlow distributor services the store on a direct basis and on a schedule that is based on the needs of the store. All Marlow distributors are trained professionals. This training includes learning about the product itself, product placement, rotation of product, and rack placement, as well as making sure that all customers receive prompt and courteous service at all times. This is why Marlow is recognized in the industry as one of the leading companies in giving their customers a very high return when it comes to dollars per square foot.

Drop Shipment - Marlow will send a minimum of one pallet to a store (250 cases) and the stores personnel places that product on the display. The store is then responsible for product placement and rotation.

Direct Shipment - Marlow will send many pallets of merchandise to a Retailers Main Warehouse where they will break down the pallets and then redistribute them to their various stores. The stores will then be responsible for rotation and product placement.